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12109   Silver Heart Earrings
10950   Silver Heart Peridot Necklace
17720   Silver Heart Tree Earrings
17394   Silver Heart Tree Necklace
12384   Silver Horseshoe Earrings
12264   Silver Horseshoe Necklace
12386   Silver Horseshoe with Crystal Errings
12266   Silver Horseshoe with Crystal Necklace
12406   Silver Hydrangea Earrings
12286   Silver Hydrangea Necklace
11038   Silver I Love You Garnet Stackable Ring
12328   Silver Initial A Necklace
12329   Silver Initial B Necklace
12330   Silver Initial C Necklace
12331   Silver Initial D Necklace
12332   Silver Initial E Necklace
12333   Silver Initial F Necklace
12334   Silver Initial G Necklace
12335   Silver Initial H Necklace
12336   Silver Initial I Necklace
12337   Silver Initial J Necklace
12338   Silver Initial K Necklace
12339   Silver Initial L Necklace
12340   Silver Initial M Necklace
12341   Silver Initial N Necklace
12342   Silver Initial O Necklace
12343   Silver Initial P Necklace
12344   Silver Initial Q Necklace
12345   Silver Initial R Necklace
12346   Silver Initial S Necklace
12347   Silver Initial T Necklace
12348   Silver Initial U Necklace
12349   Silver Initial V Necklace
12350   Silver Initial W Necklace
12351   Silver Initial X Necklace
12352   Silver Initial Y Necklace
12353   Silver Initial Z Necklace
15161   Silver Key Charm Necklace
17662   Silver Leaf Branch Bird Earrings
15136   Silver Leaf Branch Bird Necklace
17376   Silver Leaf Branch Blue Stone Necklace
17654   Silver Leaf Branch Earrings
17410   Silver Leaf Branch Gold Lovebird Necklace
17375   Silver Leaf Branch Green Stone Necklace
15119   Silver Leaf Branch Necklace
17353   Silver Leaf Branch Pink Stone Necklace
17714   Silver Leaf Earrings
17388   Silver Leaf Necklace
12408   Silver Leaf Pearl Earrings
12288   Silver Leaf Pearl Necklace
12391   Silver Lips Earrings
12271   Silver Lips Necklace
15163   Silver Love Heart Charm Necklace
12105   Silver Love Hearts Earrings
12021   Silver Love Hearts Necklace
15153   Silver Lovebird Charm Necklace
15123   Silver Lovebird Necklace
13314   Silver Mesh Stackable Ring
15283   Silver Octopus Charm Necklace
15157   Silver Om Charm Necklace
17698   Silver Orchid Aventurine Drop Earrings
17671   Silver Orchid Blue Stone Dangling Earrings
17693   Silver Orchid Earrings
17669   Silver Orchid Green Stone Dangling Earrings
17670   Silver Orchid Pink Stone Dangling Earrings
17697   Silver Orchid Ruby Drop Earrings
17672   Silver Orchid Turquoise Stone Dangling Earrings
15110   Silver Oriental Palace Necklace
13335   Silver Oval Black Touch Stackable Ring
13535   Silver Oval Hoop Blue Topaz Earrings
13416   Silver Oval Hoop Blue Topaz Necklace
16900   Silver Oval Peridot Ring
16906   Silver Oval Rainbow Moonstone Ring
15190   Silver Oval Ring Charm Necklace
13334   Silver Oval Stackable Ring
15162   Silver Owl Charm Necklace
13342   Silver Pattern Band Ring
12192   Silver Paw Print Beaded Band Ring
15156   Silver Peace Sign Charm Necklace
13332   Silver Peace Sign Stackable Ring
16871   Silver Pear Blue Topaz Ring
16885   Silver Pear Peridot Ring
16875   Silver Pear Rainbow Moonstone Ring
16891   Silver Pear Rainbow Moonstone Ring
12395   Silver Pearl Earrings
12381   Silver Pearl Ring Earrings
12261   Silver Pearl Ring Necklace
11026   Silver Pink Tourmaline Band Ring
11010   Silver Rectangle Amethyst Ring
13315   Silver Rectangular Stackable Ring
13316   Silver Rectangular Stackable Ring
15193   Silver Ring and Bee Charm Necklace
15197   Silver Ring and Bird Charm Necklace
15219   Silver Ring and Blue Stone Charm Necklace
15198   Silver Ring and Daisy Charm Necklace
15194   Silver Ring and Dragonfly Charm Necklace
15220   Silver Ring and Green Stone Charm Necklace
15215   Silver Ring and Heart Charm Necklace
15202   Silver Ring and Key Charm Necklace
15201   Silver Ring and Octopus Charm Necklace
15199   Silver Ring and Orchid Charm Necklace
15195   Silver Ring and Owl Charm Necklace
15205   Silver Ring and Pink Stone Charm Necklace
15203   Silver Ring and Ring Charm Necklace
15200   Silver Ring and Sea Star Charm Necklace
15196   Silver Ring and Sparrow Charm Necklace
15165   Silver Ring Charm Necklace
12383   Silver Ring Gold Leaf Earrings
12263   Silver Ring Gold Leaf Necklace
16932   Silver Round Peridot Ring
16853   Silver Round Rainbow Moonstone Ring
16938   Silver Round Rainbow Moonstone Ring
13539   Silver Ruby Cherries Earrings
13420   Silver Ruby Cherries Necklace
17701   Silver Ruby Drop Earrings
17396   Silver Ruby Drop Gold Heart Charm Necklace
17722   Silver Ruby Drop Stub Earrings
17660   Silver Scoop Spring Earrings
15128   Silver Scoop Spring Necklace
15282   Silver Sea Star Charm Necklace
15181   Silver Skull Charm Necklace
12393   Silver Skull Earrings
12273   Silver Skull Necklace
10808   Silver Skull Ring
12400   Silver Snow Peas Earrings
12280   Silver Snow Peas Necklace
15155   Silver Sparrow Charm Necklace
12027   Silver Square Necklace
16916   Silver Square Peridot Ring
16922   Silver Square Rainbow Moonstone Ring
10809   Silver Square Swirl Ring
12194   Silver Star Beaded Band Ring
13326   Silver Star Stackable Ring
13528   Silver Stone on Stick Earrings
13409   Silver Stone on Stick Necklace
13652   Silver Stone on Stick Ring
15183   Silver Sun Charm Necklace
12402   Silver Swan Earrings
16863   Silver Table Rainbow Moonstone Ring
12397   Silver Teddy Bear Earrings
12277   Silver Teddy Bear Necklace
15285   Silver Tennis Racket Charm Necklace
13339   Silver Three Dish Stackable Ring
13336   Silver Tiny Channel Stackable Ring
10722   Silver Tree Branch Earrings
10721   Silver Tree Branch Necklace
17695   Silver Tree Gold Bird Earrings
17412   Silver Tree Gold Lovebirds Necklace
17728   Silver Tree Green Stone Earrings
15126   Silver Tree Necklace
12123   Silver Tree of Life Earrings
12039   Silver Tree of Life Necklace
15158   Silver Triple Hearts Charm Necklace
17408   Silver Triple Orchid Dangling Necklace
17658   Silver Triple Orchid Earrings
15121   Silver Triple Orchid Necklace
17679   Silver Turquoise Earrings
17405   Silver Turquoise Necklace
17726   Silver Turquoise Stud Earrings
15192   Silver Twisted Ring Charm Necklace
13308   Silver Twisted Stackable Ring
15180   Silver Vintage Key Charm Necklace
12404   Silver Whale Earrings
12284   Silver Whale Necklace
12133   Silver Wire Wrapped Heart Earrings
12049   Silver Wire Wrapped Heart Necklace
12135   Silver Wire Wrapped Star Earrings
12051   Silver Wire Wrapped Star Necklace
15178   Silver Wish Bone Charm Necklace
13533   Silver Wrap a Pearl Earrings
13414   Silver Wrap a Pearl Necklace
14138   Sisters Scrabble Game Tile Necklace
14139   Soccer Mom Scrabble Game Tile Necklace
14128   Star Christmas Tree Scrabble Game Tile Necklace
10732   Sterling Silver Garden Butterfly Ring
10737   Sterling Silver Glossy Flower Ring
10738   Sterling Silver Striking Flower Ring
14161   Strength Scrabble Game Tile Necklace
10696   Summer Fireworks Necklace
10586   Three Birds on a Branch Earrings
10580   Three Birds On a Branch Necklace
14226   Three Bunnies Scrabble Game Tile Necklace
10582   Three Charming Bird Ring
14120   Three Ornament Scrabble Game Tile Necklace
14188   Three Red Flowers Scrabble Game Tile Necklace
14210   Traditional Asian-Heron Scrabble Game Tile Necklace
14211   Traditional Asian-Lotus Scrabble Game Tile Necklace
10585   Two Birds on a Branch Earrings
10579   Two Birds On a Branch Necklace
10689   Two Tone Butterfly Earrings
10688   Two Tone Butterfly Necklace
10690   Two Tone Butterfly Ring
12205   Two Tone Cross Stackable Ring
10692   Two Tone Dragonflies Earrings
10691   Two Tone Dragonflies Necklace
10685   Two Tone Flower Earrings
10684   Two Tone Flower Necklace
10735   Two Tone Flower Tastefully Ring
10730   Two Tone Gold Flower Ring
10734   Two Tone Gold Stamen Ring

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