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12376   Gold Initial W Necklace
12377   Gold Initial X Necklace
12378   Gold Initial Y Necklace
12379   Gold Initial Z Necklace
15146   Gold Key Charm Necklace
12399   Gold Ladybug Earrings
12279   Gold Ladybug Necklace
17661   Gold Leaf Branch Bird Earrings
15131   Gold Leaf Branch Bird Necklace
17378   Gold Leaf Branch Blue Stone Necklace
17653   Gold Leaf Branch Earrings
17377   Gold Leaf Branch Green Stone Necklace
15118   Gold Leaf Branch Necklace
17354   Gold Leaf Branch Pink Stone Necklace
17411   Gold Leaf Branch Silver Lovebird Necklace
12409   Gold Leaf Pearl Earrings
12289   Gold Leaf Pearl Necklace
12392   Gold Lips Earrings
12272   Gold Lips Necklace
12106   Gold Love Hearts Earrings
12022   Gold Love Hearts Necklace
15139   Gold Lovebird Charm Necklace
15122   Gold Lovebird Necklace
17700   Gold Orchid Aventurine Drop Earrings
17675   Gold Orchid Blue Stone Dangling Earrings
17694   Gold Orchid Earrings
17673   Gold Orchid Green Stone Dangling Earrings
17674   Gold Orchid Pink Stone Dangling Earrings
17699   Gold Orchid Ruby Drop Earrings
17655   Gold Oriental Palace Earrings
17656   Gold Oriental Palace Earrings
15109   Gold Oriental Palace Necklace
16951   Gold Oval Amethyst Ring
16903   Gold Oval Blue Topaz Ring
13536   Gold Oval Hoop Pink Quartz Earrings
13417   Gold Oval Hoop Pink Quartz Necklace
16901   Gold Oval Peridot Ring
15189   Gold Oval Ring Charm Necklace
16913   Gold Oval Rose Quartz Ring
16911   Gold Oval Smoky Quartz Ring
15144   Gold Owl Charm Necklace
13343   Gold Pattern Band Ring
15140   Gold Paw Charm Necklace
12193   Gold Paw Print Beaded Band Ring
15137   Gold Peace Sign Charm Necklace
16947   Gold Pear Amethyst ring
16949   Gold Pear Amethyst ring
16888   Gold Pear Blue Topaz Ring
16886   Gold Pear Peridot Ring
16882   Gold Pear Rose Quartz Ring
16899   Gold Pear Rose Quartz Ring
16880   Gold Pear Smoky Quartz Ring
16896   Gold Pear Smoky Quartz Ring
12396   Gold Pearl Earrings
12382   Gold Pearl Ring Earrings
12262   Gold Pearl Ring Necklace
11027   Gold Peridot Band Ring
13542   Gold Peridot Skull Earrings
13423   Gold Peridot Skull Necklace
10724   Gold Prosperity Symbols Earrings
10723   Gold Prosperity Symbols Necklace
13532   Gold Purple Stone Hoop Earrings
13317   Gold Rectangular Stackable Ring
13544   Gold Red Stone Skull Earrings
15208   Gold Ring and Bird Charm Necklace
15223   Gold Ring and Blue Stone Charm Necklace
15217   Gold Ring and Daisy Charm Necklace
15218   Gold Ring and Dragonfly Charm Necklace
15224   Gold Ring and Green Stone Charm Necklace
15210   Gold Ring and Orchid Charm Necklace
15209   Gold Ring and Owl Charm Necklace
15207   Gold Ring and Pink Stone Charm Necklace
15211   Gold Ring and Ring Charm Necklace
15216   Gold Ring and Sparrow Charm Necklace
15149   Gold Ring Charm Necklace
16955   Gold Round Amethyst Ring
16852   Gold Round Black Rutiled Quartz Ring
16935   Gold Round Blue Topaz Ring
16933   Gold Round Peridot Ring
16860   Gold Round Rose Quartz Ring
16945   Gold Round Rose Quartz ring
16858   Gold Round Smoky Quartz Ring
16943   Gold Round Smoky Quartz Ring
13540   Gold Ruby Cherries Earrings
13421   Gold Ruby Cherries Necklace
17703   Gold Ruby Drop Earrings
17397   Gold Ruby Drop Silver Heart Charm Necklace
17723   Gold Ruby Drop Stud Earrings
17659   Gold Scoop Spring Earrings
15143   Gold Sea Star Charm Necklace
17407   Gold Six Orchid Blue Stone Necklace
12394   Gold Skull Earrings
12274   Gold Skull Necklace
12401   Gold Snow Peas Earrings
15186   Gold Sparrow Charm Necklace
16953   Gold Square Amethyst Ring
16919   Gold Square Blue Topaz Ring
12028   Gold Square Necklace
16917   Gold Square Peridot Ring
16929   Gold Square Rose Quartz Ring
16927   Gold Square Smoky Quartz Ring
12195   Gold Star Beaded Band Ring
13529   Gold Stone on Stick Earrings
13410   Gold Stone on Stick Necklace
13653   Gold Stone on Stick Ring
12403   Gold Swan Earrings
16862   Gold Table Black Rutiled Quartz Ring
16870   Gold Table Rose Quartz Ring
16868   Gold Table Smoky Quartz Ring
12398   Gold Teddy Bear Earrings
12278   Gold Teddy Bear Necklace
17729   Gold Tree Green Stone Earrings
15125   Gold Tree Necklace
12124   Gold Tree of Life Earrings
12040   Gold Tree of Life Necklace
17696   Gold Tree Silver Bird Earrings
17413   Gold Tree Silver Lovebird Necklace
15148   Gold Triple Heart Charm Necklace
17409   Gold Triple Orchid Dangling Necklace
17657   Gold Triple Orchid Earrings
15120   Gold Triple Orchid Necklace
17680   Gold Turquoise Earrings
17406   Gold Turquoise Necklace
17727   Gold Turquoise Stud Earrings
15191   Gold Twisted Ring Charm Necklace
13307   Gold Twisted Stackable Ring
12405   Gold Whale Earrings
12285   Gold Whale Necklace
12134   Gold Wire Wrapped Heart Earrings
12050   Gold Wire Wrapped Heart Necklace
12136   Gold Wire Wrapped Star Earrings
12052   Gold Wire Wrapped Star Necklace
15138   Gold Wish Bone Charm Necklace
13534   Gold Wrap a Pearl Earrings
13415   Gold Wrap a Pearl Necklace
15127   Goold Scoop Spring Necklace
12587   Gray Silk Cord Gold Ring Necklace
12593   Gray Silk Cord Silver Angel Wing Necklace
12599   Gray Silk Cord Silver CZ Ring Necklace
12601   Gray Silk Cord Silver CZ Star Necklace
12578   Gray Silk Cord Silver Kitty Necklace
12576   Gray Silk Cord Silver Puppy Necklace
12568   Gray Silk Cord Silver Skull Necklace
12574   Gray Silk Cord Silver Star Necklace
12588   Gray Silk Cord Silver Tube Necklace
14193   Green Butterfly Scrabble Game Tile Necklace
14272   Green Love Bird Scrabble Game Tile Necklace
14276   Green Love Owl Scrabble Game Tile Necklace
14185   Green Two Dandelion Scrabble Game Tile Necklace
10698   Growing Out of Stamens Necklace
13408   Hammered Black Red Stone Band Ring
13658   Hammered Gold Bow Ring
13358   Hammered Gold Clover Earrings
13357   Hammered Gold Clover Necklace
13359   Hammered Gold Clover Rings
13376   Hammered Gold Cross Earrings
13375   Hammered Gold Cross Necklace
13377   Hammered Gold Cross Ring
13394   Hammered Gold Green Stone Leaf Necklace
13659   Hammered Gold Infinity Ring
13373   Hammered Gold Knot Earrings
13374   Hammered Gold Knot Ring
13405   Hammered Gold Red Stone Band Ring
13392   Hammered Gold Red Stone Butterfly Necklace
13393   Hammered Gold Red Stone Butterfly Ring
13389   Hammered Gold Red Stone Heart Necklace
13390   Hammered Gold Red Stone Heart Ring
13386   Hammered Gold Red Stone Peace Sign Necklace
13387   Hammered Gold Red Stone Peace Sign Ring
13400   Hammered Gold Red Stone Skull Necklace
13401   Hammered Gold Red Stone Skull Ring
13370   Hammered Gold Star Earrings
13369   Hammered Gold Star Necklace
13371   Hammered Gold Star Ring
13396   Hammered Gold White Stone Dish Necklace
13397   Hammered Gold White Stone Dish Ring
13344   Hammered Large Gold Infinity Necklace
13354   Hammered Large Gold Knot Earrings
13353   Hammered Large Gold Knot Necklace
13346   Hammered Large Gold Pearl Necklace
13348   Hammered Large Silver Loops Earrings
13347   Hammered Large Silver Loops Necklace
13352   Hammered Large Silver Star Earrings
13351   Hammered Large Silver Star Necklace
13406   Hammered Rose Gold Red Stone Band Ring
13362   Hammered Silver Bow Earrings
13361   Hammered Silver Bow Necklace
13363   Hammered Silver Bow Ring
13366   Hammered Silver Infinity Earrings
13367   Hammered Silver Infinity Ring
13407   Hammered Silver Red Stone Band Ring
11101   Handcrafted Agate Daisies Necklace
11109   Handcrafted Agate Daisies Necklace
11117   Handcrafted Agate Daisies Necklace
11501   Handcrafted Agate Daisies Ring
11509   Handcrafted Agate Daisies Ring
11517   Handcrafted Agate Daisies Ring
11125   Handcrafted Coral Daisies Necklace
11529   Handcrafted Coral Daisies Ring
11100   Handcrafted Turquoise Daisies Necklace

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